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Trade functions

How do I list my toys to trade?  First log into your account by using the email address you used to create your account and the random password that was emailed to you. The login box is on the upper right hand corner of the website. Once logged in you will be at the main membership area. Click the toys to add toys or manage your previously listed toys.

How do I log in and start trading toys, video games, and movies? You first must sign up for a free membership. To register click the "I want to trade toys" link on the home page. You will be directed to the login page. On the login page click the register button to become a new member. You will then see a simple form to fill out. Click the register button when the form has been filled out. We will email you your password to use with your email address to login.

I found a toy listed that I like. How do I initiate a trade? Each listed toy will have a trade button at the bottom of the listing. Next to that is a drop down list that has all of your listed toys. Select one of your toys from the list and click the trade button.

What if the trade offer is not acceptable? Each trade offer has an accept or a reject option. Shipping questions.

What if my trading partner does not ship the traded item? If you do not receive your item please first contact your trading partner and attempt to resolve the issue. They may provide you with a tracking number or a reason for the delay. If you are still are not able to resolve the issue you may start a trade dispute.

What if the shipping cost is not equal? Shipping cost is the responcability of the shipper. However in most cases arrangements such as another toy can be arranged between the traders. This arrangement must is independent of the website.

Who is responsible for the shipping cost? Members are responsible for the cost to ship the item they are trading. Members should work out the details of the service to use and the shipping priority.

Searching for toys

How do I search for toys? To begin your search for toys please click the search button on the green navigation bar. I am looking for a specific toy.

How do I narrow my search criteria? The search page will allow you to perform a detailed search by posted date, Keywords, Brand, Age Group, Character, Condition, Gender, State, and Zip Code.

What is Toy Trading?

Toy trading is a wonderful way to declutter clostets, kids rooms, and playrooms. The idea is to trade unused toys for the toys your kids really want. Free membership for six months. Is there a membership cost? At this time we do not charge a membership or transaction fee. You will be notified if this changes and will have a period of time to consider purchasing a membership or discontinuing your membership.

How can I contact Toys to Trade?

For more information or an answer to a question please email 



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